Ashlyn 7.0

Ashlyn turned 7!

I'm not sure how this happened.  How have I been a parent for 7 years already?  How did my sweet, little, easy-going baby turn into a sassy 7 year old?  I can't stand it!

Ashlyn had a fantastic birthday.

We took her to our local pottery painting store, compliments of her Aunt Arlena.  She chose to paint a unicorn and a plate.  She painted her plate in rainbow colors with a smiley face on it.  She painted her unicorn in all different colors, which may not have been the best idea as it turned out a bit of a nightmare, literally.  She had a great time, though, and loved being able to spend time with her Aunt Arlena, Nana and Mama.

After her painting party, she came home to a house full of people for her party.  We had a small party at home with just our close family and friends.  She chose a unicorn theme for her party and it turned out ridiculously adorable.

She ate, played with her friends, blew out her candles, opened her presents, played with her friends so…

Life Lately

Oh my goodness it's been almost a whole year since I last made a blog post.  Life gets in the way ya know.  We always have so much going on and I just never have the time to sit and write out a whole blog post anymore.  So I guess I'll just post a few points to update our lives!

--Ashlyn is going to be 7 in two weeks.  7!!!  I can't believe my very first little baby is going to be 7 already.  Where has all of the time gone?  She's a first grader....who reads....and does math.  And she's SO smart.  Like crazy smart.  And she loves school.  She loves to learn, she loves her friends, she loves her teachers.  She just loves it all.

She's starting to become more defiant now.  She questions things more, rolls her eyes more, gives me heavy sighs more.  She's a bit of a sass sometimes but for the most part, she is the sweetest, kindest little girl who is the best big sister.

--Bryan turned 5 in August.  I almost cried.  My first little boy turned 5.  And two days a…

Baby Bear is 19 Months Old!

I've missed a lot of updates for my little rainbow guy.  Sorry Davis.  I love you just as much as your brother and sister, you just keep me busy! 

Doctor's stats from 15 month check up:

Weight 26lbs 9oz (90th %)
Height 31 1/2 inches (50th %)

Doctor's stats from 18 month check up:

Weight 28lbs 6oz (94th %)
Height 33 inches (70th %)

The basics?

Diapers - Size 5
Clothing - 24 month or 2T
Food - anything and everything
Sleeping - through the night and then some
Teeth - 16 teeth
Words - too many to really list
Favorite toy - anything he's not supposed to have

Well my little guy is 19 months old now.  I can't believe I skipped the 15 and 18 month update posts but we are a busy family these days.  So, here's an update all about Davis.

He's a great sleeper now, especially as we've adjusted to a new routine with both kids in school.  He goes to bed around 8 and typically sleeps until 7 or 8, unless the kids are loud and wake him up before that.  He rarely wakes in the mi…

Ball Dropped

I have seriously dropped the ball on blog posts.  I have had ZERO time to post anything lately and I can't stand it!  I use social media to keep track of the age updates, milestones, parties, cute happenings.  I don't mind that but I miss my blog space.  I miss writing.  I really want to get back into my blog space.  I just have to find the time.

Some randoms right now:

*Ashlyn turned 5 last December and I never blogged about it.  I blew up IG and FB about it but I didn't make a blog post.  I have a draft but I never finished it.  She was sick on her birthday and we had to postpone her party for a week.  But her party was awesome.  She invited all of her preschool friends to her skating party and when Elsa showed up, she was totally blown away.  It turned out to be everything I had dreamed of for her first big party.

And now she's almost 6.  And she's just started kindergarten.  And she's got some serious sass.  And she is still the most amazing, kind, beautifu…

Davis is ONE

Well I skipped the 11 month post and he's actually 13 months now but oh well.  My sweet little rainbow baby is a one year old.  Cue the tears.  I love watching him explore and learn but I hate how quickly this first year goes by.

Doctor's stats:

Weight 23.5lbs 4oz (92nd %)
Height 29 1/8 inches (75th %)

The basics?

Diapers - Size 5
Clothing - 24 month
Food - whole milk, anything and everything
Sleeping - through the night!
Teeth - 12 teeth
Words - dadadada, nananana, mamamama, num num
Favorite toy - anything he's not supposed to have

I can't believe this kid is a year old already.  This year just flew by.  It makes me so sad to see my baby boy moving into the toddler years but I also love to see him explore and learn and develop his own little personality.

He's still a big boy, wearing mostly 24 month clothing already.  He loves to eat.  I took the bottles away and switched him over to whole milk at around 11 months.  He did really well transitioning.  He didn't like the …

Baby Bear is 10 Months Old!

I have totally dropped the ball with updates on baby bear.  I haven't posted anything since his 6 month update.  I completely missed posting on his 9 month update with all his stats.  I posted it on Instagram so I guess that counts.

Doctor's stats (from 9 month check up):

Weight 23.5lbs 4oz (92nd %)
Height 29 1/8 inches (75th %)

The basics?

Diapers - Size 4
Clothing - 18 or 24 month
Food - formula, anything we eat
Sleeping - still not enough
Teeth - 8 teeth!
Words - dadadada, nananana, mamamama
Favorite toy - puppy rattle, activity cube

Well this kid is huge!!  I packed away all of his 12 month clothing about a month ago already so he's wearing all 18 or 24 month clothing now.  I love seeing him in all of Bryan's old clothes.  I love his fat thighs and his big belly.  Fat babies make me happy!

His sleeping has still been pretty inconsistent.  He will have two great nights of sleeping all night and then two really bad nights of waking multiple times where I have to help him back …

Baby Bear is 6 Months Old!

How is this kid 6 months old already?!

Doctor's stats:

Weight 21lbs 4oz (90th %)
Height 26 1/2 inches (50th %)

The basics?

Diapers - Size 4
Clothing - mostly 12 month
Food - formula, some solids
Sleeping - not enough!
Teeth - two bottom teeth
Words - dadadada, nananana, mamamama
Favorite toy - bouncer, puppy rattle

I want to make sure I keep doing these updates because I want to always have this to look back on but I'm so bad at posting them on time.  Baby bear is 6 months old and, as you can see from his stats, he is a big boy.  We call him tank.  He's wearing 12 month and some 18 month clothing.  I just can't believe I have to pack away his 9 month clothing already.

His sleeping is always on and off.  One night he will only wake once during the night, other nights he will wake multiple times.  I don't usually have to feed him when he wakes multiple times but I do have to get him back to sleep.  I would love it if he would just stick to a schedule but I just can't seem …